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Using JAX-WS and JAXB with WebLogic Server 10
Posted on :09-26-2007

By Mike Wooten
JAX-WS (Java Architecture for Web Services) is a standards-based API for coding, assembling, and deploying Java Web services, designed to replace

Building your first WebLogic Event Server Application
Posted on :07-16-2007

By Robin Smith
In this tutorial, Robin Smith gives a brief introduction to WebLogic Event Server, and a step-by-step process for creating your first WebLogic Event Server application.

Getting Started with ICEfaces in WebLogic Workshop
Posted on :07-16-2007

By Tom Stamm
ICEsoft' s ICEfaces framework provides a way to Ajax-enable standard JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications without writing custom client-side Javascript code. This is an introduction to using the ICEfaces tooling with BEA WebLogic Workshop.

Exception Advice: An Aspect-Oriented Model
Posted on :07-11-2007

By Barry Ruzek
Barry Ruzek expands on his popular Effective Java Exceptions work by showing how to use aspect-oriented programming to implement the Fault-Contingency exception model.

Integrating AquaLogic BPM Suite 6.0 and AquaLogic Service Bus
Posted on :07-11-2007

By Barry Ruzek
This article demonstrates enhancements made to AquaLogic BPM Suite 6.0 to support improved AquaLogic Service Bus integration.

Running Quercus, A Pure Java PHP Engine, inside Weblogic Server
Posted on :06-20-2007

By Tim Hanson
Tim Hanson shows how to install and run Quercus, a pure Java implementation of PHP, on WebLogic Server. This implementation makes any Java resources available to PHP scripts, as well as allowing you to run applications such as MediaWiki.

Securing Web Services with WebLogic Server 9.2
Posted on :06-13-2007

By Gary Ng, Matt Silver
This tutorial discusses the three facets of Web services security: message integrity, message confidentiality, and authentication, and follows this with a comprehensive tutorial on how to implement secure Web services on WebLogic Server.

Ajax-Powered Google Maps Mashup Tutorial
Posted on :06-01-2007

By Peter Laird
Author Peter Laird discusses mashup development using a common set of technologies including JavaScript, Ajax, REST, JSON, and the Google Maps API. He demonstrates how easy it is to build the ultimate Hello World mashup: a Google Maps mashup.

Introduction to the SIP API for Java ME
Posted on :05-23-2007

By Emmanuel Proulx
This tutorial provides an easy-to-follow approach to developing a Java ME application that uses SIP. Along the way it examines the SIP API for Java ME (JSR 180), which is distributed with the Java Wireless Toolkit. It also explores the various ways in which this stack can be used. See a real SIP application running on a cell phone or emulator.

Racing to Release: Automated Application Promotion
Posted on :05-03-2007

By Paul Nixon
Without properly prepared environments and successful application deployment, delays to your project will occur at a time when the project has little slack left in its delivery schedule. Paul Nixon shows how to avoid these pitfalls