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BEA Systems, Inc.

BEA WebLogic Platform 7.0

BEA WebLogic Platform? 7.0 increases productivity and lowers the cost structure for enterprise IT organizations by providing a unified, simplified, and extensible architecture.

BEA WebLogic Server™ 7.0

The BEA WebLogic Server is a web and wireless application server used for developing sophisticated business solution applications. The BEA WebLogic Server design is based on an implementation of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition specification.

BEA WebLogic JRockit

BEA WebLogic JRockit Java Virtual Machine delivers superior application performance, reliability, and manageability for mission-critical Java applications running on Intel platforms. Customers can now achieve ROI at all levels of the infrastructure stack.

BEA Tuxedo

BEA Tuxedo is a proven, extremely reliable, and super scalable multi-language enterprise platform-one that can connect and empower users, while integrating corporate applications and legacy data stores into powerful, flexible, end-to-end enterprise software solutions.

BEA Weblogic Express

You have an entry point into the market-leading BEA WebLogic Product Family via WebLogic Express? ? BEA' s powerful and cost-effective Servlet engine.

BEA WebLogic Portal

BEA WebLogic Portal? simplifies, personalizes, and lowers the cost of access to information, applications, business processes by leveraging a unified, simplified, and extensible platform.

BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic

BEA Liquid Data for WebLogic simplifies access and aggregation of distributed information, providing real-time visibility for front-office applications such as portals, customer service and support.

BEA WebLogic Integration

BEA WebLogic Integration? is a single solution delivering application server, application integration, business process management, and B2B integration functionality for the enterprise.

WebLogic Workshop

BEA WebLogic Workshop is an integrated development framework that empowers all application developers ? not just J2EE experts ? to rapidly create, test, and deploy enterprise-class Web Service applications on the BEA WebLogic Platform?.

JBuilder, WebLogic Edition

JBuilder, WebLogic Edition is a proven solution that makes EJB, Web, Web services, XML, and database application development easier with two-way visual designers and rapid deployment on the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

Third Party Tools

Enterprise Productivity Tools combine best-in-class development tools that are fully integrated with BEA WebLogic Server?. BEA partners with the leading tool vendors to span the complete development lifecycle and provide seamless integration between their tools and WebLogic Server.

BEA WebLogic Java Adapter for Mainframe

BEA WebLogic Java Adapter for Mainframe? allows business to preserve and make better use of their mainframe investments by allowing the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform to seamlessly integrate with traditional mainframe applications. This allows new development with standards-based Java applications, and preserves your previous development investment.


Kapow RoboSuite, BEA WebLogic Edition enables companies to unify diverse content and applications into a seamless user experience and provides the solution by making it fast and easy to integrate Web applications and content into its portal.

BEA WebLogic Server® 9.0

The new BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 is built on top of an enterprise-grade kernel for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The best way to develop and deploy applications in support of service infrastructure is with WebLogic Server 9.0.

WebLogic Portal 9.2

BEA WebLogic Portal 9.2 is the first portal infrastructure with enterprise-class, standards-based portal federation ? so you can quickly create and easily manage portals customized to the needs of business users.

BEA AquaLogic Service Bus

BEA AquaLogic Service Bus is a key element in the AquaLogic family of products, delivering Service Infrastructure for increased IT agility, efficiency, and control. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus seamlessly delivers the intelligent, high-performance integration and mediation capabilities of an enterprise-class service bus with operational service management and support for service life-cycle governance in a single, unified software product. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus accelerates configuration and deployment, and simplifies management of integrated shared services across the SOA. In addition, it delivers intelligent, extensible message brokering, dynamic routing, and transformation in support of heterogeneous service end points, and is integrated with service life-cycle management and governance capabilities. These capabilities include service registration and discovery, a configuration framework with built-in service validation and resource-referential integrity, service and system monitoring, reporting, and threshold-defined service level agreement (SLA) and runtime policy enforcement.

BEA WebLogic Server 9.2

Enterprises around the globe depend upon their software infrastructure to run their businesses and deliver results. Companies must meet the growing compute demands of their constituents, inside and outside the firewall. Quickly building, deploying and managing mission-critical, enterprise software applications is essential. BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 is the link between backend data sources and front-end user clients providing the best way to serve thousands of users while protecting critical data assets.

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Repository

By BEA System,Inc
Your portfolio of software assets has an enormous bearing on how agile your organization can be and how responsive it is to the needs of your business. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) promises to deliver a more productive and agile enterprise to keep pace with the rapid rate at which business requirements change. However, SOA success demands more than simply building web services ? it' s a transformation in how you approach IT.

BEA AquaLogic Business Process Management (ALBPM) 5.7

By BEA Systems, Inc
AquaLogic BPM is used to create and manage departmental, enterprise, and inter-enterprise business processes. These business processes generally involve human participants viewing and entering data through a Web browser. This data flows through a dynamic sequence of steps encompassing both humans and applications or systems. The AquaLogic BPM components include design tools for modeling, developing, and testing processes as well as administrative utilities for deploying and monitoring processes.

BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security 2.1

By BEA Systems, Inc
BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Security (ALES) is a fine-grained entitlements product that was designed to enable centralized management of access to both application resources and application objects. ALES uses a centrally administered, distributed security services architecture that supports hierarchical policies across heterogeneous application environments. It also provides a unified and adaptable security infrastructure that enables a service-oriented approach to securing distributed applications. Further, it allows shared security infrastructure and services to be leveraged and re-used across the heterogeneous enterprise?improving security and increasing information technology (IT) efficiency.

BEA JRockit® 5.0

By BEA Systems,Inc
If you could deploy your mission-critical, service-oriented applications on a lower-cost platform without sacrificing an ounce of performance or reliability, would you' Now you can. With BEA JRockit, the first high performance Java Virtual Machine (JVM) optimized to run on Intel platforms, you can deploy your mission-critical applications more rapidly, cost-effectively and reliably.

BEA WebLogic Server® 10 Technology Preview

By BEA Systems Inc
Take a look at the next major release of BEA WebLogic Server, with its focus on ease of development, advanced Web services, and refinements throughout, including enhancements to its high-availability features, security, systems management, and more.

BEA AquaLogic® Commerce Services

By BEA Systems Inc
BEA AquaLogic Commerce Services delivers a leading, scalable commerce solution that increases online sales by attracting and converting customers profitably, all the while giving you the flexibility to quickly adapt sales tactics.

BEA WebLogic Portal 10

By BEA Systems,Inc
BEA WebLogic Portal10 features Web 2.0-enabling technologies and support for rich, responsive user interfaces and portal mashups. With BEA WebLogic Portal 10, businesses can ease their transition from Web applications to portals by embedding portlets into existing Web applications. This release also offers improved tools for content management, portal lifecycle management, and development.

BEA WebLogic Server 10

By BEA Systems Inc
BEA WebLogic Server 10 helps dramatically increase developer productivity, automate and enhance system operations and includes new and updated standards. Developers can access BEA' s time-tested enterprise application container with new ease by leveraging built-in support for Java EE 5, EJB 3.0, and the new Java Persistence API. New features further simplify operations through enhanced commands and diagnostics, and leverage BEA Guardian? support services to help prevent problems from occurring.

BEA Workshop for WebLogic 10

By BEA Systems,Inc
Developers can use BEA Workshop for WebLogic 10 to benefit from the latest Eclipse 3.2 and WebTools 1.5, and can even install it as a plug-in to an existing Eclipse installation. This new release supports BEA WebLogic Server 10 and also provides a multi-version upgrade wizard for both 9.2 and 8.1 users. Other key enhancements include improvements to the Beehive Web Service Control, as well as ANT build script export.

BEA AquaLogic Pages

By BEA Systems,Inc
Wonderfully simple, incredibly powerful. Page authoring and Web application building for the rest of us.

BEA AquaLogic Pathways

By BEA Systems,Inc
Capture the wisdom of the crowd. Collaborative information discovery and expertise identification in-a-box.

BEA WebLogic Event Server 2.0

By Bea Systems Inc
First and only Java container for high-performance, event-driven applications

BEA WebLogic® Real Time 2.0

By BEA Systems Inc
BEA WebLogic Real Time 2.0 offers response times in microseconds! It guarantees maximum response time of 10 milliseconds and contains Latency Analysis Tools for monitoring and tuning client applications.