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Business Intelligence Certification Guide
Author : Joerg Reinschmidt
Publisher : IBM Publications
Description : The IBM Professional Certification Program offers the certification to become an IBM Certified Solutions Expert ? Business Intelligence.
ISBN : 0738415111
Published Date : 2000-01-10

Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager' s Guide
Author : David Loshin
Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann
Description : This book progresses through a logical sequence, starting with data model infrastructure, then data preparation, followed by data analysis, integration, knowledge discovery, and finally the actual use of discovered knowledge. The book contains a quick reference guide for business intelligence terminology. Business Intelligence is part of Morgan Kaufmann's Savvy Manager' s Guide series.
ISBN : 1558609164
Published Date : 2003-06-05

Balanced Scorecard Software Report
Author : Bernard Marr, Andy Neely
Publisher : InfoEdge, Incorporated
Description : The Balanced Scorecard Software Report has been designed to guide you through the process of selecting the right software solution for your organization by offering a Decision Framework, as well as detailed evaluations of twenty-eight major Balanced Scorecard software products available today.
ISBN : 1891234064
Published Date : 2002-06-01

Business Intelligence for the Enterprise
Author : Mike Biere
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Description : This book offers a true enterprise view of business intelligence. IBM expert Mike Biere shows managers how to create a coherent BI plan that reflects the needs of users throughout the organization-and then implement that plan successfully.
ISBN : 0131413031
Published Date : 2003-06-04

Business Intelligence
Author : Elizabeth Vitt, Michael Luckevich, Stacia Misner
Publisher : Microsoft Press
Description : This book illustrates how organizations can make better, faster decisions about their customers, partners, and operations by turning mountains of data into valuable business information that' s at the fingertips of decision makers.
ISBN : 0735616272
Published Date : 2002-04-17

Business Intelligence Roadmap
Author : Larissa T. Moss, Shaku Atre
Publisher : Addison Wesley Professional
Description : The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications.
ISBN : 0201784203
Published Date : 2003-02-25

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