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Business Objects Inc.

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Business Objects provides two principal products for users to access their enterprise business intelligence and share enterprise information.

Query, Reporting, and Analysis

To make better business decisions in the office or on the road, users need access to the right information fast. Business Objects turns a company's wealth of information into business insight for end users and line managers, through standard reports across the enterprise.

Enterprise 6

Enterprise 6 enables organizations to track, understand, and manage enterprise performance.

Enterprise Analytic Applications

Enterprise analytic applications from Business Objects provide you with the applications you need to help your organization make more intelligent decisions.

BI Deployment

Business Objects offers all of the administration products you need to maintain optimal system performance while keeping costs down.

BusinessObjects XI

BusinessObjects XI is the first and only business intelligence (BI) platform that delivers a complete set of BI capabilities: superior reporting, query and analysis, performance management, and data integration. BusinessObjects XI helps you track performance, understand business drivers, and manage your business

BusinessObjects XI Release 2

BusinessObjects XI Release 2 provides performance management, reporting, query and analysis, and data integration in one solution.

Crystal Xcelsius

It?s a tough crowd. You have to present business data to your customers or colleagues, but you know audiences are easily bored (or, worse, confused) by mind-numbing spreadsheets. And, traditional charts and graphs aren?t much better: static, staid, and standardized, they?ve all begun to look the same. Whether you?re trying to inform or persuade, they?re just not much help.

Crystal Vision Server

Are your business reports often pieced together from separate, sometimes conflicting, data sources' Too many versions of the story floating around to feel confident about your decisions in a hyper-competitive business environment' Rows and columns of unreadable data taxing your eyes and mind'

Crystal Vision

Crystal Vision is an integrated reporting and dashboard suite designed for business analysts and IT professionals to create and share information in easy-to-understand formats. Unlike other reporting systems, Crystal Vision lets business users easily interact with data from within the tools they use every day: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and the Web.

Crystal Xcelsius 4.5

By Business Object Inc
In our work to continually improve Crystal Xcelsius, we have listened to your requests and added significant features to the new version. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 includes several new and exciting enhancements, including: availability in 10 different languages, integration with Microsoft SharePoint, point-and-click connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and advanced components that make data visualization even faster and easier. This version will be available as a free upgrade to all Crystal Xcelsius 4.0 customers. We will notify you with step-by-step instructions to getting your free Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 upgrade, by email in the next couple of weeks.

Enterprise Performance Management[BPM] from Business Objects

By Business Object Inc
Performance management applications from Business Objects provide focused solutions to meet your business requirements by providing insightful and timely analysis, which allows users to take immediate action to address key business issues. These analytics provide built-in best practices, the ability to link analytics to internal processes and procedures, and the flexibility to extend your application to fit your company' s unique business requirements.

CX Now!

By Business Objects Inc
CX Now! is the free, fun, and easy way to transform your ordinary Excel spreadsheets into persuasive presentations and dynamic business dashboards, and then share them easily via Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, or the Web. for

By Business Objects Inc
Introducing for Want to access your Crystal reports right inside' Now you can! for lets you easily and securely view, refresh, and distribute reports online.

BusinessObjects Data Quality XI

By Business Objects Inc
Businesses worldwide rely on Business Objects solutions as a key component of their data quality strategy, helping them better understand their customers, make more effective decisions, provide better customer service, and improve business applications.

BusinessObjects Data Insight XI

By Business Objects Inc
Data Insight XI lets you monitor, analyze, and report on the quality of information - whether it' s in a relational database or a flat file in an open system or mainframe environment.


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