Company Overview

We, at Techieindex, constantly strive to provide value-added services to our clients by bringing forth new services and solutions of the highest Quality. Towards this objective, Techieindex hosts the largest knowledge resource on Information Technology. The portal is a knowledge resource on all leading tools and technologies from within the IT world and contains a host of sections that aim at providing the global developer community a one source stop for all information within the IT domain. Sections include software vendor and product listings, archives of whitepapers, technical articles, case studies, documentations and other literatures, discussion forum, latest news and events etc.

Besides the knowledge resource portal some of Techieindex services include,

Over 30+ enterprise knowledge resource portals on tools and technologies
      Online Exhibition for technology companies
      The Techie Evangelists
      Techie 100
      Techie Event Coverage

In this time of global economic downturn, Techieindex has shown impressive growth and has an impressive, constantly growing list of clientele that includes Actuate Corp., BEA and many more. Established in 2000, Techieindex is a privately funded organization headquartered in Glenview ,Illinois.