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       Posted by 2015-03-11

Oman to launch biometric border control, crime database.

Oman has revealed that it is deploying a biometric border management system in the same week that its police service reported plans to develop a biometric law enforcement database. More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-11

Teradata vows double-digit growth in big data market

Teradata said Tuesday it will achieve double-digit growth in big data analysis and the Internet of Things (IoT) services market here with its latest integrated database management system. More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-11

A Practical Guide to Big Data for Hotels.

Big data has become a big buzzword. Like any buzzword, all of the talk about big data has created big confusion in the marketplace, and it can be easier to Tune it out than to take it on. The reality is, whether you want to call it big data or not, there are now new opportunities to take advantage o More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-05

Scientel to Present at Data 360 Big Data Healthcare Conference, March 5, 2015, Dearborn, MI

The Data 360 Conference on Healthcares Big Data Future is being held at the Ford Conference Center, Dearborn, MI, on March 5, 2015. Norman T. Kutemperor, CEO/Scientel Information Technology, Inc., is a featured speaker. He is known internationally as The Father of NoSQL and The Voice Of Big Data. More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-05

Programming using Automata and Transducers

The goal of my research is to develop programming abstractions and automated analyses to assist programmers. In this talk, we focus on how techniques rooted in automata and transducers can be used to detect security vulnerabilities in programs such as HTML sanitizers and string encoders. In th More ...


       Posted by 2015-07-23

Oracle: Patch Set Update: Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

The following Patch Set Update (PSU) has been rele More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-20

Oracle: Unlocking the Secrets of Big Data with Science

Buzzwords abound in the tech world, and mobile, social, big data, and cloud are the four horsemen.  Of those I think big data is least understood, but possibly the most powerful as exemplified by More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-20

Oracle: WebSphere Liberty Now Java EE 7 Compatible!

With the greatest pleasure I can report that IBM WebSphere Liberty 8.5 has recently been Java EE 7 certified! WebSphere joins the ranks of GlassFish 4, WildFly 8, Hitachi Cosminexus and TmaxSoft JEUS. More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-20

Oracle: Why Oracle ERP Cloud? by Terrance Wampler

In this video, Terrance Wampler (pictured left), VP of Oracle ERP Cloud Strategy and Product Development, talks candidly and fluently about Oracle ERP Cloud. He hits on three topics.read more More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-20

Oracle: “Big Data Discovery” Hosted Demonstration Instances for Partners

Partners can now access Oracle Big Data Lite with Big Data Discovery on the Oracle hread more More ...

Press Releases

       Posted by 2015-07-21

The marketing of productivity

Most software technology benefits boil down to either: We help people be more effective. (Productivity) We help computers run faster. (Performance) We help people be more effective at making computers

       Posted by 2015-07-20

SaaS and traditional software from the same vendor?

It is extremely difficult to succeed with SaaS (Software as a Service) and packaged software in the same company. There were a few vendors who seemed to pull it off in the 1970s and 1980s, generally i

       Posted by 2015-07-07

Zoomdata and the Vs

Let’s start with some terminology biases: I dislike the term “big data” but like the Vs that define it — Volume, Velocity, Variety and Variability. Though I think it’s si

       Posted by 2015-06-15

“Chilling effects” revisited

In which I observe that Tim Cook and the EFF, while thankfully on the right track, haven’t gone nearly far enough. Traditionally, the term “chilling effect” referred specifically to

       Posted by 2015-06-10

Hadoop generalities

Occasionally I talk with an astute reporter — there are still a few left — and get led toward angles I hadn’t considered before, or at least hadn’t written up. A blog post may

White paper

       Posted by 2015-07-17

RP Data Technical Case Study: Converting Real Estate Property Data into Actionable Information

Read this technical case study to learn how RP Data reduced report processing time with all-flash arrays by 70% leading to faster access to valuable property information. Published by: NetApp More...

       Posted by 2015-07-17

ESG Lab Validation: NetApp EF560 All Flash Array for Oracle: Enterprise Storage for Latency-sensitive Databases

This ESG Lab Report test the real world performance, reliability, availability, and serviceability of NetApp EF-Series all flash arrays in Oracle database environments. Published by: NetApp More...

       Posted by 2015-07-15

App Accel: Penton Modernizing Your SQL Server Infrastructure

This NetApp-sponsored whitepaper was written by SQL Server industry influencer, Michael Otey, and discusses the need for modernizing your database infrastructure with SQL Server 2014 and NetApp to acc More...

       Posted by 2015-07-13

The Top 30 Data Quality Issues You Need to Know About

While technology is always changing, over the past 30 years industry experts have noticed 30 top trends that continue to reappear as companies attempt to clean up their databases.This white paper pres More...

       Posted by 2015-07-13

The Top 30 Data Quality Issues You Need to Know About

While technology is always changing, industry experts have noticed 30 top trends over the past 30 years that continue to reappear as companies attempt to clean up their databases. This white paper pre More...

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