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       Posted by 2016-07-13

Troubleshooting Twisted Pair or Coaxial Cabling Systems Part 2

A variety of cable problems, such as shorts, opens, faulty, or improper terminations, kinks, bends, crimps, shorted taps, or impedance mismatches (from mixing different types of coaxial cable) produce a unique signal reflection, known as a TDR fault signature. More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-11

We need Enterprise Modelling and, for that, a reliable framework, cnt d

continuing   Perhaps, we should cease blaming the enterprise architect who, allegedly, lives in solitary confinement in an ivory tower. As if by choice. But true, the architect, like Sissif, has to push the EA development uphill every single day  to sell its value and allay do... More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-11

Troubleshooting Twisted Pair or Coaxial Cabling Systems

All cable problems come in two general categories: those caused by the connectors, splices, punch-down blocks, terminators or other mechanical devices; and those faults caused by the cable itself, such as opens, shorts, crimps, and kinks. More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-09

We need Enterprise Modelling and, for that, a reliable framework

To understand, communicate, fix, improve or transform an enterprise, you need its integrated blueprint, the Enterprise Model. More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-06

Twisted Pair Cabling

Data grade, or shielded twisted pairs, are also used with LANs, principally token ring networks. The shield reduces electrical interference, similar to the shield of a coaxial cable. More ...


       Posted by 2015-07-22

Welspun Renewables Commissiones Maharashtra s Largest Solar Project under PPP Model

Welspun Renewables has commissioned Maharashtra's Largest Solar Project under PPP Model. Located in one of the highest radiation receiving regions of the state, the Baramati project will g More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-22

Canals to Harness 1,000 MW Solar Energy in Punjab

Punjab plans to harness the extensive canal network in the state for the generation of an estimated 1,000 Mega watt of solar power. The state has been allocated 20 MW of solar power generation More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-22

India s Clean Energy Targets way ahead of Others

India can lead the world in the area of sustainable energy from renewable sources, as its clean energy target is way ahead of the UN global goal. India targets 175 GW of renewable energy capaci More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-22

SunEdison to Acquire Vivint Solar

SunEdison has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Vivint Solar Holdings for roughly $2.2 billion. The transaction will include a mix of cash, SunEdison stock, and con More ...

       Posted by 2015-07-22

An Electric Scooter that Charges in One Hour and is Made in India

Two graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras – Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain – have invented an electric scooter 'Ather S340' that can be fully charged in just one More ...


       Posted by 2015-06-12

Challenges of EAI

The systems that will service the business needs of the coming decade are built on the inherited legacy of 30 years of software development and several discrete waves of computing paradigms mainfram More...

       Posted by 2015-06-11

Point-to-point integration

One of the most common is point-to-point integration, where each application is connected with another one by an individual link. The main advantage of such a pattern is its simplicity. At first gla More...

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White paper

       Posted by 2015-11-03

Cheat Sheet: Easier App Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This white paper breaks down one of the most common CRM platforms – Microsoft Dynamics CRM – to help you make the application integration process easier. Published by: Cloud Elements More...

       Posted by 2015-11-03

Utilize Enterprise Content Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud

This white paper highlights a transformative cloud-based content sharing and collaboration solution that will drive frictionless user experience in your organization. Discover how scalable security, a More...

       Posted by 2015-11-03

Salesforce API Integration Cheat Sheet

This infographic is your "cheat sheet" to a successful Salesforce API integration. Rely on this quick guide to build an integration that can help the business access customers, accounts, contacts, lea More...

       Posted by 2015-11-02

Case Study: Cloud Transformation at Full Speed

In this brief case study, you ll learn how one automotive industry leader moved to a full-scale cloud deployment. Discover how you can manage a large number of independent instances while applying Dev More...

       Posted by 2015-08-28

The Cloud s Increasing Role in Application Development

This eGuide explores how essential cloud integration tools are relieving developers latest deployment challenges in cloud environments. In addition, read on to discover how cloud-based tools, in comb More...

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