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       Posted by 2016-07-13

How human-aware A.I. could save us from the robopocalypse

Much virtual ink gets spilled each week enumerating the many horrors that could be ours in world filled with artificial intelligence, but top researchers in the field are already thinking ahead and making plans to ensure none of that happens.In particular, the importance of making A.I.  "human- More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-12

Google s A.I. is learning how to save your life

AlphaGo s uncanny success at the game of Go was taken by many as a death knell for the dominance of the human intellect, but Google researcher David Silver doesn t see it that way. Instead, he sees a world of potential benefits. As one of the lead architects behind Google DeepMind s AlphaGo syst More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-12

IDG Contributor Network: BI meets Amazon Echo because . . . (dubious) PR value

Sisense is a business analytics vendor. It actually has a pretty cool product that offers analytics baked into a silicon chip -- essentially the idea around Sisense is to make business intelligence (BI) quicker and easier, and to disrupt the traditional model of data warehousing, heavyweight ext More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-08

6 data buzzwords you need to understand

Take one major trend spanning the business and technology worlds, add countless vendors and consultants hoping to cash in, and what do you get? A whole lot of buzzwords with fuzzy definitions. In the world of big data, the surrounding hype has spawned a brand-new lingo. Need a little clarity? R More ...

       Posted by 2016-07-01

Use Apache Spark? This tool can help you tap machine learning

Finding insight in oceans of data is one of enterprises most pressing challenges, and increasingly artificial intelligence is being brought in to help. Now, a new tool for Apache Spark aims to put machine learning within closer reach. Announced Friday, Sparkling Water 2.0 is a major new update More ...


       Posted by 2015-05-28

Accelerate your analytics platform with PureData

In-Person Event | May 28 at 8:30 a.m. ET, Columbus, Ohio - IBM Dublin More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-17

Mar 17 EDW Webinar: Managing Change for Successful Data Governance

DATE: March 17, 2015 TIME: 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific PRICE: Free to all attendees More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-13

Big Data Conference 2015

The Germany Symposium on Mobile Targeting, Big Data, and Digital Social Media Marketing will take place on March 13, 2015 at LMU Munich. The conference covers a broad range of topics related to the More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-12

Big Data conferences in the USA

The 5th Big Data TechCon is coming back to Boston for three days - April 26th to the 28th, 2015. Last year more than 600 people attended the event, allowing for excellent networking on top of inte More ...

       Posted by 2015-03-11

Biodiversity Data Integration IG

Biodiversity is infinitely complex and must be generalised, approximated and abstracted in order to be represented and understood. However, this should not contradict the epistemological richness of b More ...


       Posted by 2015-06-10

Big Data and the Buyer's Journey: Measuring the Invisible

Big datas growing relevance in the customer-focused areas of todays business begs the question: Can big data help us drive a buyers journey in a better way than we do today? The short answer? Yes More...

       Posted by 2015-06-09

Who's Ready For Some Big Data Success Stories?

Enough of this lighthearted shilly-shallying, as Dan Rowan used to say on Laugh-In (oh, man, am I showing my age). Lets take a look at some real big data success stories, just to show that big data i More...

       Posted by 2015-03-17

5 Amazing Companies That Use Big Data to Drive Success

Palantir Technologies Palantir, named after magical stones in The Lord of The Rings used for spying, have made a name for themselves using big data to solve security problems ranging from fraud to More...

       Posted by 2015-03-13

Making Sense of Genomic Big Data: Challenges of Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis and Interpretation

General Information and Scope Big data is a domain which integrates methodologies and solutions across a number of ICT disciplines. It is finding its way to various applications within digital cultur More...

       Posted by 2015-03-12

What's up in space

Come to Troms and share Marianne's passion for rural photography: invites you to experience "Heaven on Earth" with an aurora, fjord, fishing, whale watching, photograph More...

Press Releases

       Posted by 2015-03-17

Things You Might Not Know About Big Data [INFOGRAPHIC]

We live in a data-centric world, and we speak casually about bytes, megabytes, and gigabytes. But now, the amount of data thats out there has surpassed the terms weve previously used to describe it.

       Posted by 2015-03-13

Penguin Computing Announces Open Compute Project-Driven Tundra Cluster Ecosystem for Increased Customer Choice in High Performance Computing Highlights Intel Xeon Phi processor (code-named Knights Landing)-based Motherboard

Penguin Computing, a provider of high performance, enterprise data center and cloud solutions, today gave customers a peek at the future of increased customization and choice in high performance compu

       Posted by 2015-03-12

Yahoo! JAPAN Selects Apache Hadoop Leader Hortonworks for their Enterprise

Hortonworks (NASDAQ: HDP), the leading contributor to and provider of Apache Hadoop, today announced it has expanded its customer base in Asia with the addition of Yahoo! JAPAN, a leading digital p

       Posted by 2015-03-11

Herrenhuser Konferenz: Big Data in a Transdisciplinary Perspective

Large amounts of data, a variety of sources, high speed production, but also high speed processing - these are the basic characteristics of Big Data. The amount of data that is generated and collected

White paper

       Posted by 2015-06-11

Challenges and Opportunities with Big Data

The promise of data - driven decision - making is now being recognized broadly, and there is growing enthusiasm for the notion of ``B ig D ata. While the promise of Big Data is real - More...

       Posted by 2015-05-22

Predictive analytics for insurance

Customer churn and fraudulent claims in today’s insurance industry can translate to losses for providers. Insurance organizations can stay one step ahead by deploying predictive analytics to determi More...

       Posted by 2015-05-22

Combining the power of IBM Predictive Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization

The ability to predict what might happen is no longer enough. Organizations also need to know how to respond to the predictive insights they glean from data analysis. Discover how predictive analytics More...

       Posted by 2015-05-21

Geospatial analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler

Time and location-based intelligence can reveal hidden insights about your business, customers or constituents. Learn how organizations can benefit from geospatial analytics and how IBM SPSS Modeler a More...

       Posted by 2015-05-12

Pivot your data strategy and architecture to unleash business transformation

Meeting today’s dynamic data requirements goes beyond technology that focuses on operational capture, decision-support-oriented consumption, and data governance. Enterprise architects need to take i More...

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