Iot - Internet of things

BioPharma Research Council - Internet of Medical Things: CyberSecurity in Discovery, Development, & Devices 29 July 2015

Location:Princeton, NJ, USA Symposium, 8:30-2:30 The morning program will address the breadth of issues that concern all who generate, analyze, and share precious research data throughout the process. For both IT professionals and managers, this unique focus upon strategies relevant specifically to the pharma/biotech and device industries will help all responsible parties to deepen their understanding and perspectives.

Viewpoint: Pharma and Biotech companies are pushing the envelope with where they store data, how they collaborate with institutions for clinical trials and how they build technology in medical devices. The swiftly changing landscape impacts organizational risk level, making it critical to ensure conversations regarding information security are occurring, and that those conversations are driving risk decisions. To discuss these topics further, The BioPharma Research Council (BRC) is convening Internet of Medical Things: CyberSecurity in Discovery, Development, & Devices, a symposium covering both common industry risks and IT security topics of special interest to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology community.


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