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We are partnered with different organizations and firms to help and provide better support for startups to get quality results. NAAIIP is one of them, which is a leading non-profit organization with a representation of more than 30,000 companies in the US. We have partnered with Steve Austin, who is a startup expert and mentor to help startups by providing pitch training in different cities around the world.

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successful Stories

Startupjober is giving big opportunities for beginners and creative people

We are having extra talented and highly educated candidates in different parts of the world. All are looking to find better opportunities to start their career. Startupjober is an organization which makes it easier for freshers and creative people to start a successful career in their life.

Steve Austin - Startup expert coming to support startups

Steve Austin is a startup specialist who is having great experience in dealing with startups and their problems. Steve Austin will provide training and support to new startups and guides through right path to start their own company or business.