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VON (Voice on the Net) Magazine is The Voice of the IP Communications
Description : 

VON (Voice on the
Net) Magazine
is focused on the migration of telecom and other
communications traffic, (wired and wireless), off of the PSTN and onto IP. Our
writers combine over 200 years of IP and communications knowledge and
experience. Our goal is to educate and explain, and help our readers make
intelligent buying decisions.

FibreSystems Europe in association with LIGHTWAVE Europe (FSE&LE)
Description :  FibreSystems Europe in association with LIGHTWAVE Europe (FSE&LE) is a single publication, combining Europe's two leading optical communications technology magazines to become the leading information source for optical networking technologies. Published monthly, FSE&LE offers industry news, fibre-optic systems or products news, features, indepth reports and the very latest product reviews, together with exclusive analysis of the industry.
Network Magazine
Description :  Monthly
networking publication Network Magazine, Technology Architecture for the 21st
Century supplies over 125,000 Network/IT buyers with the critical
information they need to make effective network architectural decisions. Network
Magazine is dedicated to covering the four main cornerstones of the
architecture decision making process:


  • Function - What is the point or value of the technology to the business

  • Feasibility - How practical will it be to deploy the technology from a
    cost and time standpoint

  • Impact - What stress and impact will it have on the organization, on other
    applications and infrastructure, and how urgently is it needed

  • Maturity - How mature is it, who's already doing it customer-wise, is
    there a critical mass of vendors providing technology, are standards settled
    and in place.

Description :  Making the right technology buying decisions is more important to business success than ever. That's why InfoWorld is dedicated to helping IT professionals get technology right.
The Big Picture
Description :  The Big Picture is the only magazine dedicated to the art, science and business of large-format digital printing. It has earned for itself a solid reputation as the best source of information on this rapidly changing, revolutionary technology.
Description :  The premier news and feature magazine for professionals involved in all facets of post production audio, animation and graphics, compositing, and video and film editing, as well as other related services. Post covers the "finishing" processes that decide the visual and sound impact that a movie, commercial, TV show or high-end multimedia project ultimately delivers.
Bank Systems & Technology
Description :  Bank Systems & Technology leads more than 23,000 senior level Bankers into the New Age of Banking where the total integration of technology is the driving force of new product development and business unit growth.
Bio-IT World
Description :  This new monthly publication from International Data Group (IDG) helps professionals in the rapidly growing life sciences industries by providing comprehensive editorial coverage of technology systems, products and services created specifically for life science applications including biotechnology, drug discovery, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, and related disciplines.
Electronic Design
Description :  Electronic Design's on-going objective is to observe and report the latest breakthroughs in EOEM technology. By providing this information Electronic Design has been the strategic partner of system designers and suppliers for the past 50 years, helping to bring them together so that they can deliver more competitive products to market faster.
Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine
Description :  Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine (formerly Semiconductor Magazine) is a SEMI publication that covers the manufacturing, technology and industry issues of the semiconductor business. It delivers independent, editorial coverage to technology managers to assist them in making better, more informed business decisions.
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