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SocketWrench 3.6
Version : 3.6
Company : Catalyst Development Corp.
Description : SocketWrench Freeware Edition is a completely free, general purpose package
that includes ActiveX components which simplify Windows Sockets programming.
For developers new to Internet software development, SocketWrench greatly
reduces the learning curve typically associated with socket programming and
TCP/IP in general. SocketWrench is designed to meet the needs of developers writing software for all 32-bit versions of Windows. The SocketWrench components are available as ActiveX controls (OCXs) and can be used in a wide variety of development languages.
WebLogic Server 8.1 with SP1
Version : 8.1
Company : Bea Systems,Inc.
Description : BEA WebLogic Server, the industry leading application server, combines easy-to-use development, integration and administration with enterprise-strength clustering, security and reliability for distributed applications.
WebLogic Portal 8.1
Version : 8.1
Company : Bea Systems,Inc.
Description : BEA WebLogic Portal delivers an enterprise portal platform that simplifies the production and management of custom-fit portals. WebLogic Portal implements the latest advances in Web services, XML, and J2EE-based standards that increase the flexibility for creating and integrating enterprise applications.
SmartDBA Cockpit
Version : 1.6.01
Company : BMC Software, Inc.
Description : Control all of your database platforms from a single interface...from
anywhere...for FREE. With SmartDBA Cockpit from BMC Software, you can manage
all of your databases via your Web browser.
MasterList-XL Standard Version
Version : NA
Company : Safari Software, Inc.
Description : MasterList gives you one place to organize, track, schedule and complete all of your business and personal tasks.
Test Case Manager
Version : 2.03
Company : Pierce Business Systems?
Description : Test Case Manager (TCM) is a tool designed for software test engineers to organize test cases for storage and execution logging.
Inno Setup Wizard
Version : 1.08
Company : NA
Description : An application designed to assist you in creating setup scripts (ISS.TXT) for the Inno Setup Compiler. With these two programs you get an unbeatable solution for creating FREE setup programs for small to medium-sized applications.
Ringsys WebMonitor
Version : 1.1
Company : NA
Description : Reliable and simple web monitor, multi-locations and with escalation, which you can manage from your browser.(for Windows 95/98/NT).
StreetTalk Explorer
Version : 1.6
Company : NA
Description : StreetTalk Management tool, allowing administrators of Banyans VINES, StreetTalk for NT, and ENS for NetWare and UNIX to manage StreetTalk from this 32bit GUI interface.
Active Worlds
Version : 2.0
Company : Activeworlds Inc.
Description : A multiuser 3D environment that has been built entirely by its 170,000 users. Make friends, explore worlds, surf the web, play Java-based games, or design your own virtual home and build it for others to visit. Includes full integration of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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