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President, Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc

“We are a full service consulting company focused on building data warehouses, implementing meta data repositories and establishing enterprise architecture solutions.”

Excerpts from an exclusive interview with Techieindex

1. What is Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc? What is your core area of business and who are your target customers?
Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc. (EWSolutions), is a Chicago-headquartered strategic partner and full-service systems integrator dedicated to providing large government organizations and corporations with best-in-class meta data management, data warehousing and enterprise architecture solutions. EWSolutions works across all of the major vertical industries and in 2002 we were awarded a 5-year GSA schedule contract with the U.S. government. 

2. Could you elaborate more on EWS consulting services and what are the ranges of services you provide?
At EWSolutions we focus exclusively on constructing meta data repositories, implementing enterprise architecture solutions and building data warehouses. These three areas of excellence allows us to provide our clients with an all encompassing service offering and unparalleled levels of success. I3sm is our data warehousing methodology, which is the most comprehensive data warehousing implementation methodology on the market. In addition, meta data development methodology, M3sm is the world’s first meta data repository development methodology. Both of these methodologies have over 130 Narratives apiece with specific Templates designed for each of the task Narratives. Moreover, we have integrated our enterprise architecture best practices throughout I3sm and M3sm. 

3. What is your opinion about the Data warehousing industry now? Do you think it is growing as fast as it should be and what do you think should the software vendors dealing in Data Warehousing solutions focus on in the coming few years?

Data warehousing is undergoing a series of significant changes. First, throughout most of the 1990s data warehousing knowledge was limited to a very small number of very senior individuals. Presently data warehousing is so popular that it is becoming more and more a commodity. The effect of commoditization is that it lowers profit margins, triggers vendor consolidation and tends to create impediments for new vendors trying to enter into the field. Second, the vast majority of global 2000 companies and large government agencies currently have at least one data warehouse and most likely several data warehouses. These same organizations are trying to evolve these data warehouses into their next generation, meaning more frequent data loads (near real-time) and for a higher granularity of data stored in the atomic level. Moreover, this situation has resulted in a great number of companies that need to consolidate their redundant data warehouses. Third, we are beginning the third year of a recessed economy. These poor economic conditions have had a large negative impact on the data warehousing market. 

4. There is a lot of consolidation and mergers going on within the Business Intelligence industry with a lot of software vendors aligning up together. How far will strategic alliances and partnerships help in taking the technology forward or do you think these alliances are focused more towards bottom line and profits?

As with most software market segments there were too many Business Intelligence vendors. In addition, the recessed economy has accelerated this BI consolidation as the easiest way for a vendor to increase their revenues in the short-term is through mergers and acquisitions.

5. BI is a relatively new technology, but enterprises are latching on to it in a big way. How does it actually bring about enhanced productive and increased profitability and consequently and increased ROI?
Essentially BI is the front-end to the data warehouse as it looks to presents the key strategic information in the data warehouse to the business users and analysts of a company. In addition, sound BI tools greatly reduce the cost of initially developing this front-end, along with the on going maintenance of these solutions.

6 Do you think vendors are giving importance to security aspect during implementation of BI solutions or do you think security has been ignored for this long?
For years I’ve stated that security is one of the most overlooked and underappreciated areas of data warehousing. With the tragic events of 9/11 and with the increased level of government regulations security is starting to move up in visibility. 

7 Where do you see BI in five years and what are the major focus areas for vendors to concentrate on?
BI will continue to become commoditized which will continue to drive down prices. In addition, you will see continued vendor consolidation, especially as Microsoft continues to move into this market. In order to increase revenues and profits the remaining vendors will look to consolidate their BI product offerings with various back-end data warehousing products, like ETL (extraction, transformation and load), data quality and data profiling.

About David Marco
Mr. Marco is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of enterprise architecture, data warehousing and business intelligence, and is the world’s foremost authority on meta data. Mr. Marco is the author of several books including the widely acclaimed book “Building and Managing the Meta Data Repository: A Full Life-Cycle Guide” (Wiley, 2000) and editor of Real-World Decision Support, a free electronic newsletter Mr. Marco has taught at the University of Chicago and DePaul University, and is the founder and President of Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc. (EWS), a Chicago-headquartered strategic partner and systems integrator dedicated to providing companies and large government agencies with best-in-class business intelligence solutions using data warehousing and meta data repository technologies (866) EWS-1100 or visit He may be reached directly via email at



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