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Techieindex believes in the strength of collaborative effort. We visualize to establish long-term relationships with other industry leaders that allow us to leverage one another's expertise and create the most effective, timely solutions for the  technology world.


A Company can no longer develop all the resources, technologies and products to compete in today's dynamic marketplace, on its own, but most of them use alliances to acquire the critical skills, knowledge and capabilities that they might lack. Studies show that alliances, if managed correctly, can significantly increase a company's financial returns.

At Techieindex, we believe in developing partnering with the best and building partnership relationships so that everyone wins revenues and reaps benefits and delivers superior customer service. The purpose of the Partner -program is to form mutually beneficial associations with partners and develop new business activities, new operations models and innovative service concepts.

Strategic partnership Benefits: 

1. Expanded customer targets 
2. Link sharing
3. Focus of partner & their programs in Techieindex
4. Marketing of partner activities, like a product launch, 
    event Marketing, etc.
5. Additional sales opportunities
6. Sales and Marketing Support
7. Partner Press Release in Techieindex

Benefits to the Developer

1. Increased information access to the developer
2. Single point access across various technologies
3. Offers more complete solutions 
4. Aggregate services from multiple service partnerships 
5. Enhanced total value of service

The best products and support combined with the best partners mean our mutual customers are provided with the best solutions to meet their business needs.

To know more about our Strategic Partner Program contact as at