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Techieindex  is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community. The intent of this privacy policy is to detail the information Techieindex may gather about individuals who visit its Web site, how that information is used, and Techieindex disclosure practices. Please note that this policy applies only to Techieindex's Web site and not to the Web sites of other companies or organizations to which we provide links.

Site Usage Information

Techieindex gathers "site usage" information from all visitors to the Techieindex  Web site. Such data is used in the aggregate, to help determine general usage patterns and fine tune layout in order to ensure that our site is as useful and enjoyable as possible. This "site usage" and statistical information may be made public information at Techieindex's discretion.

Individual User Information

Individually identifiable information will not be released without that individual's prior consent. Visitors are specifically asked for individually identifiable information when signing up to use certain Techieindex services. In some instances, users may be asked for personal interest and demographic information in order to create a more customized user experience; however these fields will generally be optional. From time to time, Techieindex and/or its partners may wish to contact individual users regarding community news or to make promotional offers. However, such communications will only be delivered to users who have previously approved them.

The Techieindex  Add-In

The Techieindex  Add-In is a Visual Basic Add-In which automatically connects the user to the Techieindex  Web site via the user's default Web browser. The Techieindex  Add-In only launches and sends data to the Techieindex  Web site when the user commands it to do so. The Techieindex  Add-In sends only two items of data to the Techieindex  Web site: the text currently selected in the Visual Basic IDE, and the version of the Add-In the user currently has installed on his/her system. The version of the currently installed Techieindex Add-In is sent to the Techieindex  Web site only so the user can be alerted of any software issues or available Add-In upgrades. At no time is personal data sent to the Techieindex Web site via the Techieindex Add-In. Included in the Advanced Options button of the Techieindex Add-In is an option to not send the version of the currently
installed Techieindex Add-In to the Techieindex Web site. This option is unchecked by default.


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