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Vendors (173)
        SugarCRM is the world' s leading provider of open source customer relationship management (CRM) software.Click >>
Soffront Software Inc.
        Soffront is the leading provider of mid market CRM since 1992. Click >>
NJP Consulting, Inc.
        NJP provides services for Oracle' s Siebel and Analytics products, including CRM, SFA, and Documentum integrations. We specialize in the pharmaceutical industry, call centers, and medical information implementations. Click >>
ManTek Consulting
        Information Technology Organization.As a minority owned organization, ManTek IT Consulting provides resources that bridge the gap between Information Technology and solutions so that businesses can remain competitive.Click >>
Software Works, Inc
        Providing best-of-the-best ERP, ERM solutions for all industries. Click >>

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Technologies (3)
Call Center Software
        Call Center Software Click >>
Concept Recognition Technology
        Insight RT is driven by Island Data?s proprietary Concept Recognition engine. Concept Recognition is a unique implementation of the Text Categorization genre of Natural Language Processing. Concept Recognition breaks down unstructured text into its paragraph, sentence, phrase, and word elements. Concept Recognition combines these elements to produce an overall score - the weight of the Concept within the text. Click >>
Customer Relationship Management
        CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty. Everyone has their own definition of what CRM, most , falsely believing that CRM is about technology , a type of software. But, it cannot be further from the truth. Click >>

Products (190)
        Web based customer relationship management system. Click >>
Ardexus MODE
By Ardexus Corporation
CRM That Works For You: Multiple ISM Award winning, Lotus Notes-based, methodology-driven enterprise CRM software package that redefines your CRM success.
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Desktop CRM
By Commence Corporation
This powerful CRM Framework is ideal for companies with unique business requirements. It comes with a group of pre-built CRM applications and a set of easy to use tools that enable the customization, expansion and development of highly scalable business CRM solutions with unmatched flexibility and performance.
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Ardexus Mode-Award-Winning Lotus Notes CRM Software Package
By Ardexus Corporation
The multiple ISM Award-winning Ardexus MODE software package is the perfect comprehensive Lotus Notes CRM solution to meet enterprise needs. Ardexus MODE is a full-fledged CRM tool that provides both a solid technological framework and a unique embedded technology suited to help organizations of all sizes thrive and succeed.
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Direct Marketing Agency Services
At Acxiom, we believe in the power of speaking one-to-one with consumers. It?s a dialogue that motivates and compels customers to immediate action. That elevates brands
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