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Vendors (35)
Cybertech Systems
        CyberTech is an international professional consulting and e-business systems integration services companyClick >>
syskoplan Group
        Syskoplan concentrates on four fields of business: Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, IT Management.Click >>
Professional Consulting Services, Inc.
        Professional Consulting Services, Inc. is a premier IT consulting firm and service offerings include: IT strategy, eBusiness consulting, Custom application development, package solutions, enterprise systems management, netsourcing, real-world asset management, and offshore projects.Click >>
Command Line Corp.
        Command Line Corp. provides highly customized software systems for business applications where a canned "off-the-shelf" package just would not meet customer needClick >>
American Software, Inc.
        American Software is a B2B, e-Business applications software developer.American Software was the first to market with a dedicated Flow Manufacturing solution and the first internet-ready ERP.To create long-term, sustainable value for customers and shareholders.Click >>
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Technologies (1)
Supply Chain Management
        Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the planning and execution of supply chain activities, ensuring a coordinated flow within the enterprise and among integrated companies. These activities include the sourcing of raw materials and parts, manufacturing and assembly, warehousing and inventory tracking, order entry and order management, distribution across all channels and, ultimately, delivery to the customer. Click >>

Products (13)
ORION Enterprise Suite
        Complete ERP & ERM solution focused on hybrid (Process/Discrete) manufacturing businesses such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, biotech, medical devices, and more. Click >>
Perforce, The Fast SCM System
        Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System, versions and manages source code and digital assets for enterprises large and small. Click >>
        Manufacturing, Inventory, and Customer Support for small and mid-size companies. Affordable, Enterprise-class integrated software. Click >>
        Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management System is a functionally robust, scalable system that manages all warehouse or distribution center physical processes. Click >>
Frictionless Sourcing
        Frictionless Sourcing is the leading enterprise sourcing software platform in the market, and minimizes the total cost of acquisition for all direct and indirect materials, services and capital equipment. Click >>

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