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Techieindex technical Whitepapers or miniature e-books provide in-depth discussions on technology-specific topics, as is found relevant to the readers of Techieindex. Currently spanning over 60 technologies, we have over 4500 Whitepapers, online in our portals. These are updated on a regular basis and added to, frequently.

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Salesnet CRM

CRM MADE EASY While there are many salesforce automation and CRM software products on the market today, most focus on basic lead and contact management. Salesnet goes beyond this to give you a Web based CRM solution with the ability to view real-time pipeline and sales activity information.
Maximizing the Value of the New Birt reporting in IBM Rational ClearQuest

With the release of version 7.1, IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® provides a powerful new, reporting paradigm with capabilities for real-time reporting and metrics, based on technology from the open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project of the Eclipse Foundation. The new BIRT reporting enables software development management to track source code as it goes through the various stages of development from requirements gathering, testing to release.

Why Change Your Job Scheduler?

BMC Software
Job scheduling tools are automation workhorses that enable organizations to schedule, monitor and manage batch workloads to ensure a company?s thoroughbred transaction processing and other business applications are able to run.

NPE-G1 Whitepaper

By Cisco Systems
The Cisco 7200 Series has become one of Cisco's most successful router lines. By offering customers a tremendous breadth of interfaces and features as well as full modularity, the Cisco 7200 Series meets customer' s current and future needs. One of the key selling points of the Cisco 7200 Series has been the investment protection feature. With port adapter, power supply, input/output (I/O) controller, and processor modularity, customers have a clear path for steadily increasing the performance, features, and flexibility of their investments without a complete hardware upgrade. The Cisco 7200 Series Network Processing Engine NPE-G1 (NPE-G1) is the latest Cisco 7200 Series processing engine that enables customers to maximize performance.

Business service management (BSM)

By BMC Software
Business service management (BSM) is a hot enterprise technology. It?s the linchpin of corporate initiatives aimed at aligning IT with the business to increase agility, efficiencand quality of service. BSM simplifies, standardizes and automates IT processes so a company can efficiently manage the business service lifecycle ? across distributed, mainframe,virtual and cloud-based resources. But the majority of BSM initiatives today fail to take into account some of the most mature and critical IT services: batch processing jobs.

Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce

The consumerization of online technologies is creating a demand for rich Internet experiences with user-generated content.

Why NetApp: Storage Efficiency Innovation Without Compromise

NetApp?s seven core hardware and software technologies deliver efficiency results that are virtually unmatched in the industry. From SATA drives and double-parity RAID to deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots, thin replication, and virtual copies, these efficiencies apply across all storage systems?not just NetApp® systems?so you can get more out of what you already own. Plus, the technologies can have a compounding effect?the more you use, the more you can save.
Business Intelligence In SAP Environments

As a consequence of the acquisition of Business Objects, SAP has shifted its SAP BW strategy to a more open data warehousing approach and is now focusing on the former Business Objects portfolio. In this context the widely used SAP BW frontend tools for reporting, analysis, and planning are not seen as strategic anymore and are replaced by the BusinessObjects BI products.

Chapman Alliance: LCMS, not just a Technology: It?s a Strategy!

Learn how organizations leverage an LCMS to meet organizational objectives such as developing new lines of business, mergers & acquisitions, training partners & customers, and sharing content across lines of business. This paper includes case studies as well as tips from organizations who have achieved their corporate goals.
Social Business Software: Realizing the Potential of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

For the business community, the potential of the social networking phenomena is tantalizing. Yet learning where to start, how to best apply Web 2.0 models and what is needed in a true social business platform can be a challenge. This white paper taps into OutStart?s decade of experience working with clients to deploy SBS solutions and features several business use cases that show how social business software can have significant impact. It also looks at the social capabilities required for the enterprise and the metrics that can be used to justify and measure the value of these social software solutions.

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