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Techieindex technical Whitepapers or miniature e-books provide in-depth discussions on technology-specific topics, as is found relevant to the readers of Techieindex. Currently spanning over 60 technologies, we have over 4500 Whitepapers, online in our portals. These are updated on a regular basis and added to, frequently.

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Combating Insurance Claims Fraud

An exaggerated accounting of losses ? an inflated value for stolen property ?a body shop estimate that happens to include pre-existing damage ? medical charges for nonexistent conditions ? it?s all small potatoes, a victimless crime,fair compensation for spiraling premiums and deductibles, right?

Accelerate Value Creation

By SAPCorporate IT spending continues to grow. since 1994, the IT spending per worker has more than doubled, from us$3,500 to us$8,000 per worker. annual productivity growth in u.s. companies roughly doubled in the same period, after experiencing 1.4% growth for 20 years . But in today?s economy, competitive advantage is short-lived, and leading companies recognize that continued investments in the virtuous cycle of technology are required to stay ahead.

Selecting a Framework for Rich Internet Applications

ByActuate Corporation
IT organizations are adding rich internet application (RIA) technology as a key component of their development strategy because RIAs blend the best aspects of Client and Web applications in a flexible, updatable delivery footprint. If youâ??re considering using an RIA in your organization, choosing the right technology can be confusing. There are multiple approaches and dozens of frameworks to choose from.

Litigation Support

One of the great challenges for SMB?s is meeting daunting record retention requirements while maintaining budgetary restrictions. Many of the enterprise archiving solutions on the market are far outside of the range of investment for most SMB?s. Athena?s Archiver for Exchange has met this need with straightforward and comprehensive email archiving.
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

A service-oriented architecture leverages your existing IT investments and promotes a high level of operational awareness, refashioning them as modular, standards-based services that can be easily reused and integrated with other technology
Binding your business with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

As a business development manager, you may see SharePoint as just another development platform for enterprise development. But many businesses identified Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as one of the most powerful collaboration tool in this world. Microsoft SharePoint Server is capable of doing more than just managing your content. The promising feature of SharePoint is the ability to develop faster and smooth deployment over your enterprise. SharePoint seemingly integrates with most of the enterprise applications in your organization to build the enterprise collaboration solution.
Top Five Considerations for Deploying Next-Gen Appliances

Network Engines
Today?s software application buyers are demanding more options than ever when it comes to application delivery

methods. Delivery requirements include applications that will run on-premise, in a virtualized environment, in the cloud,

as a hardware appliance and more. These delivery methods are in addition to the range of choices customers already

expect in terms of platform, operating system, database, etc. In response, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and

independent software vendors (ISVs) have to provide multiple versions of an application to accommodate an expanding mix

of environments.

Information Workplace

Information Workplace is mean to be the next-generation digital work environment. Enterprise Search in SharePoint searches not just documents and other files stored in document libraries, but also all the content available as part of the portal pages. Users can also find colleagues with relevant expertise anywhere in the enterprise, through the Office SharePoint Server 2007 people search capability.
Automating Job Scheduling for Windows

Tidal Software
Datacenters experience constant change under pressure from technology and business drivers. IT systems are becoming more, not less complex as new technologies are introduced, and IT staffs are not growing to keep pace with the growth in size and complexity of the typical datacenter.
HP StorageWorks XP Disk Arrays

Business risk comes in many shapes and sizes ? from site disaster, to human error, to unpredictable cost and data growth. Your business depends on information technology more than ever before. In this IT-driven environment, information availability is critical to your business success while the consequences of any outage are far-reaching

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