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Techieindex technical Whitepapers or miniature e-books provide in-depth discussions on technology-specific topics, as is found relevant to the readers of Techieindex. Currently spanning over 60 technologies, we have over 4500 Whitepapers, online in our portals. These are updated on a regular basis and added to, frequently.

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The Payment Card Industry Compliance - Securing both Merchant and Customer data

This white paper explains the Payment Card Industry Compliance standard in real detail, and the security threats which brought about the need to standardize the data protection of both merchants and customers.
Finding the right web application scanner; why black box scanning is not enough

This white paper shows how Acunetix AcuSensor Technology increases accuracy by combining black box scanning techniques with feedback from sensors placed inside the source code while the source code is executed.
Why File Upload Forms are a major security threat

This white paper shows how and why the widely used file upload forms are a major security threat. It also states some recommendations on how to securely code such file upload forms, and how these can be checked with Acunetix web vulnerability scanner for vulnerabilities.
Having it Both Ways: Finding the Right BPM Tools for Workflow and Project-Based Processes

When it comes to business processes, change is what it?s all about. That holds true even when it comes to business process management. By now we?ve probably all learned that business process management (BPM) is a great approach for automating business processes. And over the past few years we?ve found that BPM solutions have proven they are good for automating well-defined workflows and enabling organizations to streamline a wide range of business processes. But they?re not perfect. In fact, as organizations have learned to apply BPM technologies to more and more types of situations, it?s clear that there are some business processes where traditional workflow-oriented BPM approaches are not a natural fit. Sometimes organizations need to automate processes that have dependencies, interrelationships, and perhaps timelines, but that lack a specific work- or process- ?flow.?
Business Analytics for the CIO

This white paper discusses some of the key infrastructure challenges that IT faces in meeting the ever-increasing demands for intelligence across their organizations.

Back to Basics with BPM: Using Nimble BPM to Drive Business Change

The climate for business operations is in constant flux. Today more than ever, market conditions are having a significant impact on business operations. There is a constant need to improve the processes and workflows that power the business?not only to stay ahead of the competition, but in some cases to keep the doors open. As a result, business managers are striving to improve efficiency and streamline operations in order to positively impact the bottom line. Savvy business leaders are also finding ways to use their business agility to achieve competitive advantage. Technology is a key enabler for driving agility, streamlining work, and improving business processes.
Retrospective Indexing: Strategies for Cataloging Legacy Content

By Earley& Associates,Inc
Developing and maintaining a taxonomy is a means to an end ? and not an end in itself. The outcomes may be such things as a better browsing experience, an improved shopping experience, or enhanced information search and retrieval.

Web Monitoring for Employee Productivity Enhancement

Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and harder to detect. Many small and medium sized businesses are still convinced that a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam software are enough to protect their networks. With cyber-crime on the increase it is imperative that organizations are aware of the security threats that they face on a daily basis. This goal of this guide is to raise awareness in organizations of the importance of security and how they can deal with the threats.
Gain Business Insight and Achieve Sales Success with CRM

By Salesboom.comIn order to achieve a top level of sales success within an organization there are particular tools required to reach this goal. First a company must be able to leverage their data in a way which allows them to best plan for the future by molding their efforts in order to achieve optimal sales success.

Deploying Innovation ? the Advantages of Virtualization for Secure Large File Transfer

BY Accellion
Learn how a virtualized method for secure large file transfer increases IT efficiency, saves cost and time Read a detailed comparison of various file transfer solutions. Understand how virtualized secure file transfer fits into the industry trend toward virtualized infrastructure.

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