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Techieindex technical Whitepapers or miniature e-books provide in-depth discussions on technology-specific topics, as is found relevant to the readers of Techieindex. Currently spanning over 60 technologies, we have over 4500 Whitepapers, online in our portals. These are updated on a regular basis and added to, frequently.

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What does an automation computer look like?

Every day, without thinking about it, we use hundreds of computers in every facet of our lives. Nearly every device with a display or a control in our homes, in our offices, and in our factories, has a computer in it. In our factories this is especially true.
Best Practices for Networking Automation Computers

Automation computers can be anywhere, and do very many things. Modern automation computers are connected to networks that may be connected to other networks throughout the plant, and via TCP/IP to the entire world.
How to Block NDR Spam

A large number of organizations have been victims of NDR spam that has an effect similar to a Distributed Denial of Service on the email system. This white paper provides a technical explanation of NDR Spam and recommend solutions that can prevent or limit exposure to this kind of unsolicited email.

By VIACK Corporation
In March 2007, the General Services Administration issued guidelines for federal telework and other alternative workplace arrangement programs authorizing agencies to use appropriated funds to install telephone lines and necessary equipment, and to pay monthly charges, in any private residence of an employee who has been authorized to work at home in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Office of Personnel Management.

InComparison Network and Voice Management Software

his in-depth, InComparison paper prepared by Bloor Research provides an overview of strategies and technologies for network (fault and performance) management and voice management in major enterprises. It compares the strategic directions, technology strengths and overall completeness from CA, EMC, HP and IBM. You' ll find great insights on how these vendors compare, and best practices for your Network and Voice Management needs.

Comparing NGN session-oriented service delivery architectures

By Acme Packet
this white paper demonstrates, the smart border model offers a level of security, service reach, SLA assurance, manageability and economy that the smart core model cannot match.

Best Practices for Planning, Deploying and Managing Enterprise VoIP

The goal of this white paper is to help the reader gain a better understanding of the challenges presented by VoIP as well as what must be done from a planning and management perspective to successfully deploy VoIP. The discussion includes a high level description of a proven methodology for deploying VoIP and other demanding applications, as well as a discussion of a management system that is optimized for both fault and performance management of converged voice and data networks.

Business Service Management Links IT Services to Business Goals

Business activities and profitability increasingly depend on technology, challenging IT to optimize services based on business priorities. The most effective way to deliver business-optimized service is to adopt a process-driven, holistic approach to IT operations, shifting the focus from technology to important services, and measuring success from the service consumer?s perspective.

Network and Voice Management Software from CA, EMC, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and IBM

We cannot overstate the importance of an integrated toolset for seamlessly managing and supporting the whole enterprise network and voice infrastructure. Problems occur, so the best tools need to: a) very rapidly pinpoint and correct existing faults and degraded performance, b) prevent problems occurring in the first place where possible, and c) handle network changes easily and automatically to minimize risks to live operation.

Infrastructure Performance Management Empowers You and Your Company

You?ve probably heard much lately about Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)?and you may be wondering what it means for you as an IT professional. ITSM is a standard approach for managing IT infrastructure to deliver IT services that satisfy business needs.

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