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Techieindex technical Whitepapers or miniature e-books provide in-depth discussions on technology-specific topics, as is found relevant to the readers of Techieindex. Currently spanning over 60 technologies, we have over 4500 Whitepapers, online in our portals. These are updated on a regular basis and added to, frequently.

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Effectively Managing Online Transactions with CA?s APM Solution

The increasing reliance on web-based applications has had significant unintended consequences. As direct customer interactions have shifted from business owners

A Best Practice Approach to Implementing a Proactive Patch Management Strategy

As the IT environment becomes more complex and the number of available patches continues to increase, it is no longer effective for IT to manage patches on the fly. Read this white paper to learn how your organization can develop a proactive and strategic patch management approach that is based on industry best practices.

Are Proxy Anonymizers Putting Your Enterprise in Peril?

By 8e6 Technologies
Chances are, your company deploys Web filters to fight off the threats lurking in cyberspace. And chances are, some of your employees have no trouble bypassing them.

Are Bots About to Bring Down Your Business?

By 8e6 Technologies
There?s some good news these days on the IT security front: Cybercriminals don?t want to knock your network offline. The bad news? They want to use it for launching attacks that are more distributed, more profitable, and potentially more damaging to your business than ever before.

Using 8e6 Internet Filtering and Reporting in a Blue Coat Environment

By 8e6 Technologies
Many organizations choose to deploy Blue Coat for caching and WAN acceleration in order to optimize the use of bandwidth. This can sometimes lead to a decision to include URL filtering and reporting on the Blue Coat appliance, with the assumption that this can be an easy method to deploy the solution. Unfortunately, this can leave many organizations with a less-than-optimal Internet Filtering and Reporting solution.

Achieving Real Results on the Road to Access Compliance

By Courion Corporation
This paper discusses the importance of managing IT controls for user access with regards to ensuring compliance and surviving audits. Based on Courion experience and industry trends, the paper defines four important steps to managing access controls, as well as discusses compliance best practices that all organizations can learn from to achieve industry and regulatory compliance.

New Meaning for ROI ?Risk of Insiders?

By Courion Corporation
This paper addresses the increasing threat of insider data breaches and compliance infractions and explains the importance of managing access control within a company?s walls to protect against risk. While risk does exist for external data breaches, more often than not companies are exposing themselves to risk by not assessing who should have access to what information, not properly disabling access, and/or not controlling segregation of duties violations.

Regulatory Compliance and the IBM Mainframe: Key Requirements

Recent corporate financial scandals and increased concerns over privacy of user information are factors that have led to a rise in governmental laws and industry regulations around financial reporting, security and data privacy.

Mainframes are Still Mainstream

This white paper describes the trends that are not only keeping the mainframe market alive but are supporting its growth. The growing complexity of IT makes consolidation and simplification of IT asset management essential. At the same time, increases in energy costs and concern about the environment are also impacting markets.

The Brave New World of IT Workload Automation

What is IT workload automation and how will it impact your business? Enterprise Job Scheduling, once the back office function of Operations in the mainframe world, has evolved to become a critical factor in the real time enterprise (RTE).

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