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NPE-G1 Whitepaper
Source :   Cisco Systems, Inc.

By Cisco Systems



The Cisco 7200 Series has become one of Cisco's most successful router lines. By offering customers a tremendous breadth of interfaces and features as well as full modularity, the Cisco 7200 Series meets customer' s current and future needs. One of the key selling points of the Cisco 7200 Series has been the investment protection feature. With port adapter, power supply, input/output (I/O) controller, and processor modularity, customers have a clear path for steadily increasing the performance, features, and flexibility of their investments without a complete hardware upgrade. The Cisco 7200 Series Network Processing Engine NPE-G1 (NPE-G1) is the latest Cisco 7200 Series processing engine that enables customers to maximize performance.

The NPE-G1 will be available in a wide variety of Cisco IOS® Software releases. The initial release of the NPE-G1 will be through the Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2B Broadband train. This train includes most of the features available in Release 12.2T. Soon after the product is shipping, the NPE-G1 will also be available in releases 12.2T, 12.2S, and 12.2SE. The wide variety of feature trains available with the NPE-G1 should allow customers to find an image that meets their needs when using an NPE-G1.

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